The Art Of Selling Homes

What we do

Property Styling

We believe that your home is your greatest asset. And we know that it’s easy to overlook the details that can make all the difference in making your home stand out from the crowd. That’s where we come in. We can help you style your home, so it looks its absolute best—and get you the best possible price in return.

Why choose JAG

Delivering The Love Your Home Deserves

Choose us because we go the extra yard. We do this by first, choosing the right style for your home. Is it a Hamptons-style property or is it industrial? Is it contemporary or stylishly modern? Then we carefully select art for every room of your home, installed professionally by our team. We go even further by adding white goods to the home. We do not believe in leaving gaps—we firmly believe that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Beautiful styling creates

an emotional response

from the buyer.

We draw from a deep understanding of what makes your home stand out from the rest. Our aim is to paint a picture that the buyer falls in love with on that first inspection.

Attention to detail

Connecting With The Buyer

We consult with the selling agent to determine who the target audience is. This then forms a strategic step in staging the home, so that it is appealing to this specific audience.

Our History

Who We Are

We’ve been making homes look like dreams since 2012. Our business is built on referrals from real estate agents and past clients who have had a good experience with our services. We have styled over one thousand homes, and the success rate of our sales is astounding.

Our services are priced between $2000 and up depending on the scope of the project, but money spent on styling can in most cases return you that amount many times over.